Agnes Pelton Home

The historic home of resident artist Agnes Pelton is located in the lower cove artist colony of the 30's

The historic home of resident artist Agnes Pelton is located in the historic lower cove artist colony of the 1930s. Owners and artists Peter Paliadino & Simeon Den have gone to great lengths to preserve the integrity and historical value of this amazing structure, uncovering hidden gems throughout the property. The addition of a gorgeous sculpture garden made up of donations from local artists including Mario Pikus, Karen & Tony Barone, Robert Reeves, and others enhances the old with the new. A beautiful custom painting made by well-known respected local artist Tim Towsley, a fellow resident of the historic cove, enhances the home's private art gallery. A yearly event happens on February 28th, 2016, The Tour of Historic Artist Homes, co-sponsored by the city and the Agnes Pelton Society, gives the public an opportunity to visit these beloved residences firsthand.

American Modernist and Transcendental painter, Agnes Pelton, bought the land in 1937 and over a two-year period designed and built her modest ranchero-style home/studio, where she lived and painted her decorative and abstract masterworks for over 20 years.

There are several notable extraordinary architectural features that have been preserved including the distinctive diamond-shaped, scored, and dappled concrete floors. The motif had an aesthetic and spiritual significance and is referenced and repeated in her art and her home decoration.

The Pelton House is soon to be listed on the Nation Registry of Places of Interest.

An excerpt from The Desert Sun describes the home:

The Cathedral City Cove is rich in history, especially when it comes to the arts, where painters, photographers, and writers have been setting up shop in the eclectic neighborhood since the 1930s.

Modernist painter Agnes Pelton - whose wide-ranging works include desert landscapes as well as abstract art - moved to Cathedral City in 1932, at a time when the town was just a rustic desert outpost.

The home she built in 1939 still stands at 68680 F Street (christened by the city as Agnes Pelton Way). The focal point - the artist's studio - features diamond-scored concrete floors and the original fireplace, above the mantel hangs the bright orange and yellow work, "Transcendental Being," one of Pelton's 'spiritual guide' paintings.

On March 30, 1944, she wrote: "Saturday and Sunday afternoons, there was quite an 'occasion' here in my studio. For three days previously, two young men, artists, worked on changing my room into a gallery. White sheets covered the side Windows and door and grandpa at the end and then the 'First Art Exhibit ever held in Cathedral City' took place. Works of Cathedral City artists only, oil, watercolor, black print, etc. we had tea, and a hostess to pour, and during those two afternoons at least 200 people came."

Photos by Peter Paliadino. * indicates being part of the 2016 5th Annual Tour of Historic 84 Artists Homes



To view "A Brief History of Agnes Pelton" please click below. The video was narrated and produced by Alan Carvalho, Chair of the Cathedral City Public Arts Commission.

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