Eric Ober

Eric Ober was found to be M.I.A. (Missing In Action) at his desk as a mechanical engineer in 1999. His wife could sense that the fire in his eyes was dimming and work was a chore. When asked what he wanted to do it was no surprise to Eric that he wanted to return to creating and working with his hands. Although Eric enjoyed working overseas designing tools for sub sea robots, he continued to dream of one day creating steel sculpture again as he did in college between playing football and studying at Rice University. Two days after telling his wife he wanted to return to welding, he handed in his resignation and returned to his first love. Eric learned to weld at thirteen, spending many summers and Saturdays working in the family welding business. Years of working with steel and parents who encouraged creativity allowed him to learn the skills needed to create the visions in his head.When asked how he comes up with ideas a smirk appears on Eric’s face. It’s not that he doesn’t want to tell people, but sometimes he is not sure himself. We all have a purpose in life and Eric’s was to create art. He is thankful for his talents and wants uses them to touch others. “The pieces make themselves and take on a life of their own,” Eric explains. As he begins bending, welding, and grinding he doesn’t always know what he has created until he stands back and looks at it. Eric’s work is very diverse and people are usually drawn to a specific style. His ability to create variety allows him to appeal to a wider audience and make a piece that suits the buyer.

Everyone, from beginning collectors to the experienced art buyer, can appreciate his work. Eric feels that the true joy in creating art is seeing someone enjoy (and buy!) a piece of his work. He has been heard saying that his wife and children are his inspiration. Others have said his best works of art are his seven beautiful children.

Eric hasn’t looked back since he left engineering, but I guess you could say he didn’t really leave. He is just using his skills for a different purpose, one that he enjoys immensely and hopes that you do too.

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