Simi Dabah

Simi Dabah, a self-taught artist/welder, has been creating welded steel sculptures from industrial scrap for more than fifty years. He is a prolific artist who believes that using scrap materials to create works of art is both friendly to the environment and inspirational to the viewer. His sculptures are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor installations, include a wide spectrum of nonrepresentational designs, and range from table-top size to more than 20 feet high. Most of the outdoor pieces are left in their natural state rusting to a warm patina. Others may be protected with a clear finish.

Simi has a studio in Los Angeles, California where he creates most of his pieces. A second studio is in Joshua Tree, California where more than 500 of his sculptures are displayed on 8 acres of land.

Sculptures are donated to public and nonprofit organizations for permanent installation on their properties through the Simi Dabah Sculpture Foundation. Sculptures may also be purchased from the Foundation. The proceeds support the program and provide funds to other qualified nonprofit organizations in their fundraising efforts.

Simi Dabah Sculptures

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